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Hello there, I am a new RPH here to help you with your Roelplaying needs! I specialise mainly in gif-hunts, so feel free to request some!

gif hunts - open!
graphics - open!

i don't do manips, sorry.

none of these gifs belong to me. if you would like credit, please contact me. do not reblog. like if using.

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Back to spells and enchantments, potions and friends! To Gyffindors! Hufflepuffs! Ravenclaws! Slytherins! Back to the place where the next generation’s story begins! Welcome to Back to Hogwarts Roleplay, a third generation Harry Potter Roleplay. This roleplay focuses on the generation of Harry’s children, along with many others. Who knows what twists and turns their tales may take. One can only imagine the mischief they will cause… that is, unless you join Back to Hogwarts Roleplay. 

We have many canon roles that can still be filled as well as OC sibilings. Both are listed below.While we do accept OCs, please keep in mind that we are in need of male characters. 

Canon Family Roles:

  • [male or female] Longbottom [5th or 6th] Year
  • Lorcan Scamander, 6th Year | FC: Andrej Pejic, or someone similar
  • Roxanne Weasley, [4th or 5th] Year
  • Fred Weasley II, [6th or 7th] Year
  • Teddy Lupin, Intern for (choose subject), former (choose house)
  • Victoire Weasley, Intern for (choose subject), former (choose house)

OC Siblings:

Please note that it would be useful to read the bios of the OC sibling’s character to aid in applying for an OC sibling

  • Archer Jace Emmerson, 5th Year
  • Charlie Hunter Ravensdale, [6th or 7th] Year
  • Thomas Temple, 7th Year Gryffindor
  • Elena Parvati Petrova, 6th Year
  • [Male] Creevy, 7th Year
  • [Male] Creevy, 6th Year | FC: Finn Harries
  • [Female] Creevy, 5th Year